A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

An estate in Connecticut was in need of an appraisal of contents.  The owners had told me their relatives had already sold off all of the good items years ago through an auction house.  There was a collection of glass and Tiffany lamps and the auctioneers had already sold everything years ago.  I continued to look through the estate and appraised the general antiques and odd paperweights that were left behind.  At the end of the day the owners said there was one more item.  They walked over to a blanket chest and pulled out a small bundle of towels.  "What do you think of this?" they said while handing me a six inch glass vase.

I could not believe my eyes.  It was a rose vase by Emile Gallé.  Gallé was one of the finest glass maker in the world.  But this was no ordinary Gallé vase.  This is one of his most precious creations - a mystical rose piece.  (Return soon to learn more about this amazing find...)