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    What is the Appraisal Day Network of Service Providers?
As the leader in online valuation services AppraisalDay.com gets leads from clients all over the
     United States.  I cannot possibly keep up with all the leads I get and need to provide our users
     with local options for appraisers, elderly services including estate attorneys and senior transition
     managers, consignment shop owners, insurance agents, and restoration services.
     If you would like referral please email Paul paulroyka@appraisalday.com and let us know what your needs.

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Paul finds a group of California gold rush letters on the front porch and Ambrotypes in the attic of the estate.

He transcribes all the letters and sells them for $80,500 for the estate!


This Steiff teddy bear was in a closet in the estate of a person with Alzheimer.  Paul got the estate over $10,000 for the bear which was later used for charity!

Found in an attic by a person helping an elderly client downsize they contacted Paul who graded the gold coin and sold it for $17,000!

A lady brings this painting in for an appraisal after a dealer offered her $4,000.
  Paul got her $241,500 for it!

This painting was left by a customer's father in a crate in a basement.  Paul identifies the artist, restores the painting and helps put his customer's children through college!

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