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Paul provides an appraisal at Pilgrim Hall Museum, the nations' oldest continuing public museum.

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A Maurice Braun painting valued at over

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Online appraisals on AppraisalDay.com are free!  Feel free to submit your item to have Paul review.  Because of the volume of submissions he can't respond to everyone's items that have values under $500 but he will try his best to respond to all submissions so give it a try!  Need a house call or have a large collection.  Let him know below!

     Please do not submit sewing machines, signed prints, coins, stamps or sports collectibles.  Do not send items in for review unless prior approval is made.  AppraisalDay.com is not responsible for items sent in mail without authorization.  Please submit all items online first. 
We will contact you if we need to see in person.  Thank you!

Email paulroyka@appraisalday.com with a description of your item and photos attached as jpegs.  Please include name, address and email.  Although Paul would like to respond to every email it is just impossible.  If your item is valued under $300 you will most likely not receive an email.  I wish I could respond to everyone but the demand is just greater than time allows. 

Thank you for your understanding! And I hope you have a treasure!

     Need a house call or have a collection?

     Just email
paulroyka@appraisalday.com and include your name, address, email, description of the item or items and attach a digital photo. It's that simple.  Save hundreds and even thousands of dollars in appraisal fees.

       What Does Paul Appraise?
     Just about everything or he knows how to find out what it's worth.  If you have a Picasso, Chagall or Dali.  He would rather not have you submit it. 
Almost all are fakes!

      *Please refer to terms of service for reproduction rights and other info.


Paul finds a group of California gold rush letters on the front porch and Ambrotypes in the attic of the estate.

He transcribes all the letters and sells them for $80,500 for the estate!

About the upcoming Show:
No, Appraisal Day is no pawn shop supposedly telling you the value of your items,
some elite auction house or dealer trying to buy your items for half the price.
Appraisal Day is one man based in New England with a lot of experience
(author of several antique books, previous appraiser PBS series Antiques Roadshow, record setting auctioneer, host of hundreds of appraisal events).
Paul tells people the true value and history of their items and by doing so changes their lives forever. 
His wife calls him the human lottery ticket because of all the treasures he has found for his customers. 
Join Paul along with his friends and family as he values fine art, antiques & collectibles for people across the country, raising money for charities, organizations and good causes and helping people along the way with his pay it forward philosophy.

This Steiff teddy bear was in a closet in the estate of a person with Alzheimer.  Paul got the estate over $10,000 for the bear which was later used for charity!

Found in an attic by a person helping an elderly client downsize they contacted Paul who graded the gold coin and sold it for $17,000!

A lady brings this painting in for an appraisal after a dealer offered her $4,000.
  Paul got her $241,500 for it!

This painting was left by a customer's father in a crate in a basement.  Paul identifies the artist, restores the painting and helps put his customer's children through college!

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