Wednesday, March 21, 2018

American Art Pottery

I remember the days when American art pottery (Grueby, Rookwood, Marblehead, etc.)was sold by sending a client a color Polaroid in an envelope with a description.  The market has dramatically changed since the 1970s when the first major collections were being formed.  The market became stronger in the 1980s when multi-millionaire collectors began to form collections with the intent of one day donating them to museums.  In the 1990s there were a handful of even more wealthy collectors looking to build their own museums.  Today, those collections have been donated and the museums have been built.  One downside is that many of the finest pieces are no longer on the market which deters future collectors from getting involved.  After the advent of eBay and the 2008 recession prices took a big tumble.  While extremely rare pieces will still demand a record price the average pieces have fallen back to prices that we saw in the 1980s.

From left to right:
Hampshire Pottery Green Vase $300
Marblehead Pottery Tobacco Brown Vase $350
Saturday Evening Girls Vase with Beetles $400
Rookwood Pottery Vellum Vase with Flowers $500

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