Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Oh Deer! Norton Pottery Jug

I've done so many appraisal events I can't remember where this was.  But I remember I was sitting behind the table and looking out at the line.  A person was standing there swinging this Norton Pottery stoneware jug by their side.  It almost hit a person's umbrella in front of them.  I couldn't stand it anymore and walked over to him.  "Please sir, can we place this on the table up front."  He was genuinely surprised and felt a bit awkward cutting the line.  I told him "one chip and you will lose thousands of dollars."  Luckily he wasn't holding it anymore when I told him because I think he would have dropped it.  

Stoneware is all about the decoration.  We look for unusual things like animals, figures or scenes.  This deer was well executed with lots of personality.  It was value at over $10,000!

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